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News to date:

Our foundation lines have had their hips X-rayed and reported by the OFA with good results 

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COONMAGIC Cattery named GROUP 1 Breeder Prefix 2016 with GCCFSA

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Reserve Breeder Prefix 2016 with FASA


We are the only registered Maine Coon breeder in South Australia with both FASA (Feline Association of South Australia) and GCCFSA (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of South Australia Inc.).

All our cats have come from some of the most respectable and ethical Maine Coon breeders in Australia who not only DNA screen for MyBPC3 but attend to Cardiac ultrasounds regularly. It is recommended that breeding cats also be tested for HCM, PDK and HD at appropriate ages.

Many thanks to Tracey Lamb (Fidelis Maine Coons) and Kyra Foster (Rumplteeza Maine Coons) for our foundation queens and for being wonderful mentors.  I am also privileged to be supported by some of the most experienced and reputable Maine Coon breeders in Australia who are a constant source of wisdom and knowledge and who have consistently shown Maine Coons bred to type and standard.

At Coon Magic our aim is to breed to the Maine Coon Standard large healthy well adjusted cats with magic temperaments.