Bringing you the Magic of Coons


2016 - Group 1 Breeder of the Year, GCCFSA

2016 - Reserve Group 1 Breeder of the Year,  FASA

Bronze Double Grand Champion Coonmagic Atticus - retired 

2015 - Reserve Group 1 Breeder of the Year, GCCFSA

Our import boy from Croatia

Saltus Zahrabske Z-Chagal of Coonmagic Maine Coons

Grand Champion Rumplteeza Sass N Bide - retired

Foundation Queen ...

Rumplteeza Alouette joined our family in late June 2014 and quickly got under our skin and has won many hearts. She has a very happy personality.

Foundation Queen ...

Fidelis Aurora Australis aka Rory became our foundation queen and flew home with us from Queensland after Indie and JD participated in the QFA 2 Day Show Spectacular, 2014.

Silver Double Grand Champion Rumplteeza Alouette - retired 

Coonmagic Alysha

Kitten of the Year, 2015


Chris and I

ACF AoE CCCA Champion Gold Double Grand Champion Neuter Male Fidelis Indie - now retired

ACF AoE Double Grand Champion Fidelsi Aurora Australis - now retired


meet the ORIGINAL coonmagic team


Thanks for dropping by, my name is Kim and together with my partner Chris, we are CoonMagic.

Our love affair started the day a little black and white kitten we named Indie came into our lives. Little did we know then that he would steal our hearts and provide us with so many beautiful antics. Indie is the King of our castle.

Of course we were warned that 1 Maine Coon is never enough and before the year was up we were welcoming another Maine Coon into our family. Apollo, who is affectionately named JD, is a stunning black silver classic tabby and white and is the jester, always full of antics.

We then purchased our 2 foundation queens Fidelis Aurora Australis affectionately known as 'Rory' and Rumplteeza Alouette lovingly called 'Ally'.

1 is Never Enough...

As any person will tell you, Maine Coons are addictive and you can't just have one ... Fidelis Apollo aka JD arrived in November 2013 and quickly stole everyone's heart.

It All Started Here...

Having decided I wanted a Maine Coon the next step was finding an ethical breeder. After many months waiting Fidelis Indie arrived. Indie has an amazing personality.